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"The Sheriff serves as the sword and the arm of the courts." This old adage simply means that whatever a court orders it eventually falls upon the sheriff to actually enforce the edict.

Georgia law requires that the sheriff, or his deputy, attend all sessions of court. Putnam County Courthouse is home to five different courts. They are the Superior Court, Probate Court, State Court, Juvenile Court, and Magistrate Court. Sessions of various courts are held a minimum of three days a week and more during jury trial weeks. There are days when as many as five different courts are operating simultaneously in our courthouse.  

 In the wake of a violent incident at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta where four people were murdered, the Georgia legislature enacted laws in 2006 mandating security procedures and plans in courthouses throughout the state. These laws resulted in deputies being assigned to our courthouse for security purposes full-time. Two deputies are stationed at the courthouse at a security checkpoint equipped with a state-of-the-art x-ray screening device and a walk-through metal detector during normal business hours.



All of the security equipment at the Putnam County Courthouse was purchased by Sheriff Sills at no cost to the taxpayers, utilizing funds seized from criminals.



The Court Services Unit is located in the Putnam County Courthouse at 100 S Jefferson Ave. in Eatonton. The unit is supervised by Sgt. John Harper jharper@putnamcountysheriff.org.


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