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Sheriff Sills recognizes the value of having a chaplain available that will support the emotional and spiritual needs of his employees. Chaplains have supported men and women at arms for over 1600 years.  From the Roman Centurions to our present day military and law enforcement personnel, the importance of spiritual support of our defenders has been uniformly acknowledged.  Chaplains take on a complex and burdensome task, serving as counselors, spiritual advisors, moral compasses, and  pastoral caretakers.  This role has evolved from the days of Charlemagne where the battalion leader also served as spiritual guide to his troops. 

 Pastor Schornhorst, who serves as the pastor of Lake Oconee Lutheran Church in Eatonton, is the chaplain of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office. He has undergone extensive training to be a certified law enforcement chaplain pursuant to the regulations of the Georgia Peace Officer and Standards Training Council.  Pastor Schornhorst has generously made himself available to the employees of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office since 2003.



Pastor Ron


I believe what is written in the Bible, Romans chapter 13-namely, that law enforcement personnel are part of God's protective care over this world.  Knowingly or not, those in law enforcement serve God's purpose in providing safety and order, as well as keeping evil and violence in check, in this world.

My purpose as a law enforcement chaplain is to provide emotional and spiritual support to the sheriff's employees, their families, and on occasion to members of the community.  I do not minister to inmates of the county jail; that is a different type  of ministry. 

I hold in confidence all personal communications with employees of the sheriff's office. As an ordained pastor I have the protection of Georgia law in maintaining such confidentiality.

The longer I am with the Putnam County Sheriff's Office, the more my respect grows for everyone who serves here.

I am honored to serve those who serve.


Chaplain Ron Schornhorst

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